Search Engine Optimization

Never mind your business domain, simply tell us the customers you wish to target, and with relevant search engine optimization strategies and industry best practices, our inbound marketing veterans will pull out all the stops to make sure that your brand ranks in the first fold of search results. All our SEO endeavours come down to one single purpose: enhance the brand experience, credibility and generate organic traffic and drive sales!

Search Engine Marketing

However impressive your product, offerings, or services, if you do not organically rank in the SERPs, it is likely that your dear brand could fall through the cracks. With smart targeting of the right keywords and its variants, Being Digitalz will help you reach out to a wider & more pertinent audience with our enhanced PPC advertising tactics and search marketing capabilities.Our purpose is exceptionally simple: help you generate leads.

Social Media Marketing

If you own a business and are not making the most of the social media medium to form an engagement with people, you are either oblivious or plainly not enthusiastic enough. With our widespread influencer network, cross-platform strategies &intelligent analytics, our experts target a wealth of customers and help you start a conversation that goes beyond ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Our purpose is to increase visibility or presence of your brand.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s age, the growth of your business is not without any collateral damage alongside. Now, especially with your brand entering the digital space, it necessitates you to have an image management team intact. With effective monitoring techniques, our proficient digital marketing strategists know the right ways to contain and minimize any online reputation crisis, thereby making sure that the consumer trust in your brand is never injured.

Website Development

Everyone online either has a story to tell or wares to sell. A website is a window, the foremost impression upon your audience. With the right coding and technology platform of HTML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Content Management Systems (WordPress) and other such computerize, we capture your objective and intent, and aim to put it across in the most engaging narrative website, just so that your first impression remains enduring.

Website Designing

People like attractive websites – we know how first impressions go a long way, and a great design is a great way to build a lasting first impression. Whether you have a taste for a bare-and-spare minimalistic design or an intricately detailed one, great designs are nothing if they are not functional. Our idea is to give your website the edge that it needs by enhancing the user experience with perfect blend of usability, style and creativity.

Email Marketing

An E-mailer or Newsletter is deeply personal one that is to reach your inbox. A targeting error here and there and a well thought out, robust email marketing campaign could be finding itself tossed into the spam zone. At Being Digitalz, we understand the fine craft of well-executed and definitive e-mail marketing campaign the right demographic to target, right time to execute and the right modes to apply with minimal cost per action.

Youtube Marketing

In this digital age of voracious video consumption, brands and business have become fiercely competitive to capture the right eyeballs. Right from branding a YouTube channel, creating a compelling video content and making it easily searchable, smartly utilizing the YouTube ad space, we have just the right punditry to make sure that your brand resonates with the relevant audience and you come away with maximum returns on your investment.

More Traffic

Your genius of a product is not all that genius if there is no online marketing traffic driven to your website to consume the content, engage, and share. With our concerted efforts and technical insights we review each and every traffic source to ensure that your website receives the acknowledgement, relevancy & credibility that it deserves.

More Leads

A smart marketing strategy is nothing if at the end all of your efforts do not mean leads & conversions. This philosophy is at the core of our workings. With our meticulous market research & understanding of the most optimal branding strategy, we will help you reach out to the right audience and give your business the fillip that it needs.

More Business

Being Digitalz believe in building an audience for you to help you build your business. With a synergy of various internet marketing strategies and deft optimisation process across all digital media avenues, we aim to attract and convert prospects into loyal, lasting customers in a way that they keep coming back to you.

Monthly Status

We like to show you what we look at each month to monitor performance. Measuring results each month is important, and the reports we share with you are clean and simple to read! Each month, we want to talk about what we did, why we did it, and what we are going to do next to improve your business.


Sometimes, mere stellar products and offerings aren’t enough for great business. Your business without the right branding and targeting methods can scarcely grow.

We at Being Digitalz are not exactly into sorcery. We simply are a bunch of enthusiastic digital-heads, who by a dint of our digitally laboured years and a heady passion for everything digital just happen to know the right magical formula to maximise your ROI in the digital advertising realm.

Being Digitalz, in its essence, is made of passionate search marketers, business brains, innovative designers, web developers, and advertising junkies who have been on both sides of the advertising world. With our digital proficiency in domains of Website Development, SEO (Inbound marketing), SEM (Google AdWords / PPC), Email marketing, ORM, and Social Media Advertising with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube advertising, you can rest assured of your brands reaching out to the right customers across the right touchpoints.

The more customers you get, the more energized you are. Our job is to drive awareness, engagement and leads for your business. We know the ropes about enhancing your brand experience, smart ways of finding the right audience, and helping you transmute those leads into conversions. That’s why we take the time to learn which strategies are best for your business. It makes us work harder, learn faster, and care more.

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