Our 360 Customer Experience Mapping takes the guesswork out of marketing, uncovering real, actionable insight from your true customers and stakeholders.

We start from the beginning, in your customer’s shoes. Using workshops, questionnaires and focus groups to understand what it feels like to be a consumer of your business. Uncovering their journey, identifying their motivations and delving into their behaviours.

Then we take this true picture of your audience and use it to shape your strategic story. 

Here’s how it works…

Fresh Egg CX report

Our approach to CX journey mapping


Helping Londoners on the mental wellbeing journey

Digital research and customer experience journey mapping

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Our new white paper lifts the lid on the methodology of a groundbreaking research project Fresh Egg delivered for the NHS; one that puts customer experience journey mapping at the heart of how digital services could be used to assist the mental wellbeing of Londoners.


What is a CX journey map?

A customer journey map is a visualisation of all touchpoints and interactions that a person has with your business from first interaction through to brand loyalty and advocacy. 

Fresh Egg CX report

Stages of customer experience

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