What is data integrity and why is it important for your business?

Data integrity is fundamental to reliable performance reporting and refers to the accuracy, consistency and completeness of data.

If data accuracy levels are low, subsequent insight will be lacking and the decisions it influences are likely to be poor as a result.

We understand that quality is more important than quantity. We don’t give a view on what data is telling us without thinking first about whether it is correct and how it can be used.


Assessing and achieving data integrity: our services

For new Being Digitalz customers, any agreed activity is preceded by the completion of a detailed discovery phase in order to establish an accurate set of benchmark data. This means any subsequent recommendations we make – and any subsequent work carried out by your in-house teams – is based on solid insight, resulting in more effective business decisions and greater steps towards achieving your business goals.

We offer two products to help assess and ensure data integrity – a Google Analytics health check and a Google Analytics audit.

Google Analytics health check

Our Google Analytics health check verifies the overall data integrity of your website. It focuses on verifying the correct setup of your analytics tracking. It also identifies potential problems with the data you are using for reporting and decision making.

The health check includes:

  • Outline of areas of concern and tracking issues encountered
  • Highlighting of data inaccuracies and areas of concern that need further investigation
  • Fixes for basic issues or problems
  • Top-line suggestions for advanced tracking configurations

Ultimately, a health check carried out by our analytics and insight experts gives you an assessment of data integrity. This either equips you with confidence in the fact that you are generating insights from accurate data – or highlights the requirement for a subsequent, more detailed audit and implementation.

Google Analytics audits

A Google Analytics audit provides a thorough and detailed review of your Google Analytics configuration and consists of three parts:


We will review your current Google Analytics setup in detail, highlighting apparent data inaccuracies and issues. We will suggest additional tracking customisations in-line with the agreed measurement plan.

Measurement strategy

When devising your measurement strategy, we create a measurement plan that translates your business objectives into measurable KPIs. This plan then provides a custom configuration of Google Analytics, and direction for your digital marketing strategy in general.


As part of the audit we will implement all fixes and additional tracking identified in the previous two steps and set you up with a tailored tracking configuration that measures all the key metrics that matter to your business.

Where possible, we will recommend migration to Google Tag Manager (GTM) and/or an upgrade to Universal Analytics (UA). This will result in dramatically improved reliability, flexibility and efficacy of tracking implementation and access to many important new Google Analytics features only available through the latest code.