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Let Us Help You Create Animated Promotional Videos to Increase the Reach of Your Brand

Promotional videos are an exceptional solution for businesses struggling to acquire a competitive advantage in the market. At Being Digitalz, we will represent your brand in a positive light through captivating 2D and motion graphic promotional videos. With our YouTube promo services, your business will be able to target the right audience and hook them immediately.

Our Approach to Promotional Video Creation

As an 2D animation agency, our promotional video services highlight the best features of your offerings in an uncomplicated and engaging way. Moreover, we provide 2D animation and motion graphic promotional video. We will add catchy audio-visual elements and easy-to-understand language to keep your viewers hooked. Furthermore, our experts will ensure that the videos can create a positive and long-term impression on your target audience.

Our professionals will sit down with you to gather your requirements. After that, we will work together to create a script. From the script, we will develop a storyboard to get a visual representation of your needs. Gradually, we will add illustrations, sound, and animation to create the final result you desire.

How Can Our 2D Promotional Video Company Aid Your Business?

2D Promotional videos with a blend of audio, visuals, graphics, and storytelling can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. These videos have become immensely popular among businesses for conveying their brand value and message to the target audience. Are you yet to add promo videos to your marketing campaign? If so, find out how our YouTube promo services can aid your business:

Enhanced Visitor Engagement

2D animated videos are an engaging way of interacting with visitors to your website. Well-made videos can create a stronger impact than chunks of text on a page. Information conveyed in an audio-visual format will also be more memorable to your target audience.

Increased Reach

An exceptional thing about promotional videos is that you can embed them anywhere. Moreover, the promo videos are reusable and easy to include in your social media campaign. So, you won't have to worry about exhausting your audience with boring videos.

Increased Traffic

If visitors like your 2D promotional videos, they are highly likely to share them with their acquaintances. Therefore, it will boost your website traffic and create more hype around your business.

Simple Way of Communication

Written words often fail to communicate what you want, and even static images are sometimes insufficient. But animated promotional videos can enliven your brand's message and make it reach your target audience in a simple manner.

Brings Back Visitors

Our top-notch promo video editing strategies ensure your target audience keeps returning for more. Additionally, you can expand your reach to a great extent by regularly producing these kinds of videos.

Types of Promotional Videos for Business

You can trust us to create the following types of promotional videos for your business:

Product Promotion Video

You can create a promotional video for launching a new product in the market. It is an engaging way of making your target audience aware of the features and applications of the product.

Animated Promo Video

An 2D animated promo video can be a fun and quirky way of conveying your brand message to your target audience. Furthermore, interactive and vibrant graphic elements will help your hook audience faster.

Brand Promotion Video

A brand promotion video will help increase awareness with an element of authenticity. As a result, your target audience will find your brand trustworthy and reliable.

Event Promotional Video

Does your business take part in different activities? An event promotional video can show glimpses of all the intriguing activities you participate in. Therefore, it is perfect for capturing customers' interest.

Short Promotional Video

A short promotional video ranging between 30 seconds to 2 minutes is ideal for captivating your target audience. The attention span of people is only getting shorter day by day.

Create Promotional Videos to Connect with Your Audience

As a promotional video company who offers top-notch 2D video animation services, we will always help you build positive connections with your audience. By adding distinct calls-to-action to your promotional videos, we will ensure that your audience keeps coming back for more. Due to their versatility, you can seamlessly attach our promotional videos to social media, websites, and emails.

Promotional videos can outperform other types of content like text and images. By incorporating these 2D animated videos on your social media channels, you will notice more shares. Moreover, your brand message conveyed through promo videos will remain in your target audience's mind for a longer duration.

Video Editing Services

As a video assistance agency, we also provide video editing services for video to be posted on social media platform. Social media platform requires visually appealing and informative video so we provide video editing services where the provided video or snippets are edited according to the need of the client and adaptability of the platform. We provide necessary edits in the minute lightings, video speed, background voices and audio enhancements.

If you are influencer or brand that have memorable visuals and want to post it on social media platform it requires certain compatibility and appeal to its visuals. Appropriately edited video works well in appealing the viewers and creating impact if molded in the theme of the content nature, with adequate and clear visual and audio engaging and creating loyal audience.


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FAQ – 2D Promotional Video Services

We have a pretty affordable charge for making 2D promotional videos. So, we will review your script and provide a complete breakdown of your charges according to their complexity. Our value-for-money promotional video services will ensure that you can persuade your target audience.

A captivating beginning is essential for making promotional videos more interesting. Contact our experts for the best 2D promotional videos using the latest industry trends and practices. We will understand your requirements and utilize a tailored approach to creating your promotional videos.

A good promotional video will successfully capture the attention of your target audience. It will succeed in keeping your target audience engaged and entertained for a long time. At the end of the promotional video, you will be able to successfully persuade your target audience to take the right action.

At Being Digitalz, our experts work hard to complete making your 2D animated promotional video within time and budget. But if you have a shorter deadline, we might be able to pace up. You should get in touch with us and learn about your availability.

You will have a say in every stage of the promotional video-making process. From scripting to editing, we will value your input at every step. We will always remain in touch with you to gain your insights. It will ensure that you have an active role in your promotional video production.

Before we begin with the 2D animated promotional video process, you will have to provide us with a clear idea about your purpose. We need to understand what the goals of your promotional video will be.

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