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Have you ever used search engines like Google or Microsoft Bing, searched for something, and seen the first three to four listings with the “Ad” prefix? If yes, you have seen the power of PPC Services, also known as SEM Marketing or Search Engine Marketing Services. Also known as pay per click (PPC) advertising - as the advertiser is charged when a user clicks on the ad - brands pay and compete over keywords to have their ads shown at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). These ads can be in textual format, an image, or video, based on whether it targets a SERP or banner space on other websites. Being Digitalz is a Paid Media Advertising Agency in Mumbai that specializes in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

PPC Agency in Mumbai

Why Choose Being Digitalz for SEM Services in Mumbai?

While most businesses understand their vision and mission, they don’t know how to get there. Lack of direction can result in getting the job haphazardly done while wasting time and money. Not only can hiring an SEM services company like Being Digitalz ensure this doesn’t happen but also achieve multiple goals.

Hiring a Paid Advertising Agency in Mumbai like Being Digitalz is also advantageous to brands in many ways. We have a team of search engine marketing managers and strategists that understand how to market your brand with PPC services.

As we consider your goals and the budget, we study more about the competitors and their strategies. Later, we set realistic goals soon after understanding what will work in the online digital world. We will then search the terms which are relevant to your business and move ahead with the campaign. In the end, we will be able to accelerate the campaign with paid advertising.

Benefits of Paid Advertising Marketing

Did you know that 90%+ people use search engines to research about a product or service before making a decision? New trends include voice search as well. Businesses must be able to capitalize on this situation with PPC services. However, PPC advertising isn’t everyone’s expertise, which is where a PPC company can help. They can optimize your ROI by identifying and executing your advertisements on the relevant networks, i.e., search, display, and video. Given below are the benefits of hiring a Paid Media Advertising Agency and PPC Services:

Lead Generation

The primary goal of SEM services is to increase visitors on your landing page, thereby generating leads. One of the major PPC advantages is that it’s intent driven, which means your ads will be shown only to that audience actually interested in what you have to offer.

Increase Brand Awareness

Another one of the benefits of SEM is that you choose the keywords that trigger your brand ad. The ad consists of a headline, description, and display URL, so you can show your target audience a side of your brand that they don’t know.

Complete Measurability

Unlike traditional advertising, SEM is completely measurable. You have access to the number of impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, leads, conversion rate, and more. Analytics dashboards can give you even more data for optimization.

Immediate Implementation

An unmissable benefit of search engine marketing is that ads can be taken live and paused immediately. While setting up the account and campaigns can take a few hours, changes can be made on an ad-hoc basis; everything from the ad copy to landing page.

Advertise Globally

SEM gives advertisers the option to advertise globally, and it’s not restricted just to the country, state, or city. You can go as deep as a pin code to target just the right audience and in their regional language! Imagine doing this right from the office of your Paid Advertising Agency in Mumbai.

Pay Only When Someone Clicks

PPC ads are technically free, i.e., unlike other modes of advertising where you pay to have your ad shown, you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad in SEM. That means your ads are shown for free until someone takes action.

Show Up on Competitor Keywords

In addition to showing ads on your brand keywords, you can also ensure your ads are shown when people search for your competitor companies. This means that you can capture leads that originally would have gone to your competition.

Mobile Friendly

85%+ people use their mobiles before computers for making search queries and browsing the web. Unlike most traditional modes of advertising that aren’t optimized for mobile, all PPC ads – text or display – appear perfectly on mobile.

Our PPC Approach?

Being Digitalz has a unique approach to PPC services. Unlike the usual Paid Media Advertising Agency that jumps straight to it, we have streamlined our process for optimal performance.

Client Brief

We understand your point of view, goals, and track record in the initial meeting. We take note of all your products, services, and target audience to tailor SEM strategies.

Competition Analysis

We study what our primary competitors are doing to see what’s working and what isn’t. Brainstorming sessions help in conceptualizing fresh ideas accordingly.

Account Audit

Our Search Engine Marketing Strategy professionals then study your PPC accounts and website to determine how we can improve what your brand has done so far.

Keyword Research

Knowing what keywords to use is essential to every PPC plan. We gauge this after a detailed study of your account, competition, products, services, and target audience.

Writing Ads and Bidding

Writing lucrative ads that will attract your target audience to click is our specialty. We then place competitive bids across platforms to maximize your ROI.


Optimization is the process of increasing budgets on campaigns that are working and negating ones that don’t. We do this regularly so you make the most out of each campaign.

Types of Paid Advertising Services we offer?

Being Digitalz is a specialist PPC services company that tailors marketing campaigns according to you. We do this by performing in-depth research and analysis so you can maximize ROI from SEM services. Given below are PPC advertising services that we offer:

Search Advertising

Search Advertising gives you visibility at the top of search engine results page. This depends on the keywords targeted, bids placed, and ad copy quality.

Display Advertising

Attractive web banners are a great way to get prospective customers on the ‘hook’ about your product or service. We place them on relevant websites for maximum ROI.

Video Advertising

Videos are an ad format that users engage with the most. We can target users on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms offer niche targeting options which we capitalize on depending on our target audience. LinkedIn is used for B2B while Facebook and Instagram primarily for B2C.

Why to Hire SEM Agency & PPC Services Company?

Whether you’re a consumer or business, the first place you go to look for a product or service is online. Google and Microsoft Bing are the most widely used search engines, and provide you with a variety of ad formats. Advertisers must know how to take advantage of this by means of PPC advertising. In addition, you can expect immediate results along with a strategy for the way forward as multiple experts within the Paid Advertising Agency in Mumbai will be handling your account.

500+ Satisfied Clients

7 Countries Served

300+ Campaigns Executed Successfully

50% Increase in Revenue

100% Detailed Competition Analysis

100% High Clicks + CTR

FAQs Related to SEM

Implementing SEM strategies can help businesses in many ways. Lead generation, increase in brand awareness, being able to advertise globally, effectively targeting competitor brands, and being present across mobile, tablet, and desktops are some of them.

While SEO helps increase your visibility on the search engine results page organically, SEM does so by allocating a certain budget for media spends. SEO is a longer process while SEM can increase visibility within a short span.

Below are 8 ways to measure SEM Success-

  • Search Engine Marketing Ad Impressions
  • Number of Clicks from the Search Engine Marketing Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing Keyword Report
  • Search Engine Marketing Ad Impression Share
  • (Google) Analytics Page Depth and Time-On-Site
  • (Google) Analytic Engagement Events
  • (Google) Assisted Conversions

Benefits of SEM can be seen in B2B and B2C companies as it helps in lead generation, brand awareness, and being omnipresent.

Search engine marketing types are search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, and paid social media advertising.

SEM includes a combination of SEO and PPC advertising (Paid Ads) & SMM i.e. Social Media Marketing includes paid Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads as well as non-paid social media marketing efforts.

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