Broken links, site performance and poor quality content are some of the problem areas uncovered in our technical, backlink and content audits. 

Except we don’t call them ‘problems’. We call them opportunities.

Our Structural and Technical Audit is your site’s MOT, digging deep into its infrastructure to find opportunities for fixes and optimisation.

We get to the bottom of any issues and work through a prioritised checklist of mechanical fixes to improve organic visibility and optimise your site’s search performance for the long-term.

Technical audit

Site speed, indexation and tagging of pages, usability and general navigation and user flow – these are the strong technical foundations that your site needs to be properly visible to search engines.

Backlink audit

We evaluate your website’s backlink profile to proactively highlight any poor quality referral traffic and broken links on site that may be at risk of penalty or algorithmic visibility loss from Google.

Content audit

Our preceding audience intent analysis feeds into the content audit. Is the content on your site being engaged with? Is it technically sound, of good quality, and how it is performing?

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