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Being Digitalz is a leading creative agency headquartered in Mumbai. Our team is known to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that help achieve each client's goals – be it branding or sales. Whether you are looking at a static design, 2D & 3D animation, or video, we do it all! In addition, we aid in enhancing your customer experience across digital touchpoints with UI UX design. Basically, we are a one-stop creative company for all your needs!

Our Creative Services We Offer

Creative Services We Offers

As a branding agency in Mumbai, we specialize in conceptualizing and designing your brand identity. Your brand must be unique and instantly recognizable, and we can help you achieve both. Not only do we work closely with your team in coining the brand name and logo design but also in formulating the brand architecture and strategy.

Whether you need an ad for a newspaper or magazine, or want to design a brochure or leaflet, we provide professional graphic design services so your offline communication creates an impact. As your design agency, we can curate your stationery, brochures, leaflets, press ads, hoardings, standees, stall design, and more.

The main goal of a UI design agency in Mumbai is to ensure that our client’s target audience has a good experience across all digital touchpoints. Having a well-designed and responsive website is imperative for every brand. We are a creative digital agency that focuses on acing your user interface and experience for maximum ROI, every time a prospect visits your website!

A 2D animation video or motion graphic piece can entice and connect with your target audience. We are a specialist 2D animation company in Mumbai that can create videos for branding that you can use on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, and your website. This will prove to be a cost effective and sharable medium that your target audience engages with.

Our Design Process

Creative juices constantly flow in the Being Digitalz team – after all, we are a professional creative digital agency. However, to ace every creative, we follow a design process. If you are not able to swing by our office to see us in action, we have listed down our design process below so you know how our thoughts flow.

Our Creative Strategy for Your Brand

As a leading creative design company in Mumbai, Being Digitalz has curated a signature creative strategy to ace your every marketing communication.


First, we dive deeply into your business, target audience, vision, mission, and competitors.


We determine your business goal and devise strategies to achieve them via multiple marketing channels.


Designing various creatives for multiple marketing touchpoints begins here after completing our research and planning.


the client for final approval, post which they are taken live on their respective platforms.


We now gauge how your target audience responds to the various creatives and optimize for maximum returns.

Why is Creative Designing important in Digital Marketing?

Creating something that entices your target audience is absolutely essential in digital marketing – it helps capture their interest at the onset. Once that happens, it ensures to make a lasting impression. In addition, your brands creative on each digital touchpoint will be consistent, thereby helping in even mainline communication.

Benefits of working with a Creative Design Agency

A major benefit of working with a leading branding agency in Mumbai is that you have a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Not only does this help you increase your return on investment but also boosts marketing efficiency. It also ensures that your creative communication has maximum recall value among your target audience.

Why choose Being Digitalz as your Creative Agency in Mumbai?

Your product or service needs to be portrayed to your target audience in a way that entices them. However, this can happen only when you understand their psyche. Being Digitalz specializes in this, and we do it as we have a highly experienced team with 25+ years of experience! We ensure that each piece of your creative blends in perfectly with your vision, mission, and brand values. In addition, online and offline creatives integrate perfectly through our media department.

Our Clients

Being Digitalz boasts a roster of clients from different industries including Fintech, Pharma, Real Estate, Information Technology, Ecommerce, and Fashion, among others.
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Each client that we work with vouches for our creative team and have seen how we help people connect with their business. Given below is what they have to say.

FAQ – Creative Agency

Branding is the process by which your target audience is made to perceive your brand, product, and/or services. It comprises your logo, brand colours, mission and vision, and should be consistent across all communication.

Branding can help create your niche in the market by telling your target audience what to expect. It tells your target audience how your brand is different from competitors with the USPs and value proposition.

A creative agency gives you the benefit of having a team of designers at your disposal, vis-a-vis a single freelancer. It also has a copy team to curate apt taglines and content for your communication to make each design effective.

Creative agencies offer digital marketing services like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Analytics, Reporting, and designing creatives like logos, social media posts, emailers, websites, and landing pages.

Yes, Being Digitalz works with renowned local and international clients.

The duration of your project depends on the scope of work. We will tell you about this before signing the contract; however, it can change if there is an increase in the quantum of work.