5 Key Trends Shaping Consumer Behaviour Amid COVID-19

Google’s new report highlights the 5 important trends that can help us get an idea of how customer’s actions are changing.

Google has released a new set of research, that is specifically designed to help marketers respond and react to the changes caused due to COVID-19.

According to Google, over 4 billion people worldwide are staying indoors, which has resulted in a significant shift in online etiquettes.

The research has highlighted five important trends that demonstrate how consumers’ expectations, interests, and purchasing behaviour has changed over the last few months.

Here are the five important trends that are mentioned in Google’s report:

  1.  Consumers are using multiple devices.
  2.  Increased dependence on Google
  3.  People are developing and nurturing relationships virtually
  4.  Adjusting schedules to be at-home-first
  5.  People are taking more self-care more than ever before.

Based on Google’s latest report, here’s more insights into each of these trends:

1. Using Multiple Electronic Devices

As individuals use different devices to browse the internet more than ever before, content consumption is skyrocketing and is expected to increase significantly in the not so distant future.

Staying at home has increased by 60% in the amount of content accessed and read.

2. Critical Information

There has been an increase in searches for basic information and content to meet essential needs:

  • Search enthusiasm for “groceries delivery” and “online grocery shopping” grew by 23% year on year.
  • The number of Americans watching online cooking shows and videos has increased at a rate of 31%, which is significantly higher than March 2019.
  • Search enthusiasm for “telemedicine” has increased by up to 150% week-over-week in the US.
  • Searches for “online pharmacy” has increased all around by a staggering 100% year over year.

3. Connecting Virtually

Since people are staying physically apart from each other, they’re finding new links and supporting relationships virtually.

Here are few examples of this, based on Google’s data:

  • As of April, Google Meet is now hosting 3 billion minutes of video meetings and is witnessing 3 million new users daily.
  • In March 2020, half of US consumers used video calls to communicate with their family and friends.
  • On YouTube channels, there has been a hike in “with me” recordings, where people film themselves going about with their regular normal tasks like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.
  • Views of videos containing “study with me” in the title, are 54% higher contrasted with a similar period a year ago in the US.

4. Scheduling Routines

With no information on when the Covid crisis will end, especially as a vaccine is at least a few months away, there is no clarity on how long the current situation will go on for, due to which people are adjusting their schedules to be internet-first.

All individuals are adjusting their ordinary activities to satisfy the demands of isolation.

Here are few examples of the same:

  • Interest for search on “telecommuting” has reached an all-time high on YouTube and Google in mid-March, and has been growing ever since.
  • Also, there has been an increase in searches for “stationary bicycles” around the world, as well as for “dumbbell set.”

5. More Self-Care

As all the individual are facing the challenge to stay home, they are concentrating more on taking care of their own physical and mental needs.

Some examples of this from Google’s data:

  • Views for meditation-related videos are up by a remarkable 51%, as compared to 2019 in the US alone.
  • Searches for “bored or exhausted” have raised remarkably in March.
  • Searches for “games,” “riddles,” and “coloring books” expanded during in March.

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