Our elements of choice? The perfect blend of technical SEO, on-site optimisation, and a rich, engaging, content marketing and outreach strategy.

We have a dedicated team which specializes in search engine optimization. Our motto is to increase your brand’s online identity and to generate organic traffic. Right from selecting the appropriate target audience, understanding audience search intent to enable brand visibility at each stage. Our technical SEO, content audits and backlink audits uncover your site’s challenges and benchmark against your competitors.

Our inbound marketing veterans will pull out all the stops to make sure that your brand ranks in the first fold of search results. All our SEO endeavours come down to one single purpose: enhance the brand experience, credibility and generate organic traffic and drive sales!

Our agency will help you in every aspect. Additionally, we not only inculcate technicalities in our processes but also lay emphasis on creatives to uplift your SEO rankings!

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How SEO transforms the customer journey


Combining technical SEO and content marketing to increase site visibility and reach audiences at the first stage of the customer journey.


Meeting audience needs and search triggers at the research phase with engaging, multi-channel content strategies.


Monitoring the organic performance of your competitors and optimising on site user experience to keep your brand one step ahead in the consideration phase.


Making purchase or conversion easy by optimising site navigation and structure to ensure visibility in search listings.


Creating content to help customers get the most from your product or services, and identifying which channels to host from.


Easing the path to advocacy by understanding how customers are talking about your brand and integrating social media to create more targeted, resonant and successful campaigns.

Site migrations

Site migration is a hugely bespoke and complex piece of work, and SEO should be embedded into the process from the very start. Let us take care of the nitty gritty – protecting search performance and traffic, and optimising for users and search engines along the way to offer the best platform for organic growth.

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SEO audits

We delve, dig and burrow to understand search intent and uncover your website’s challenges. Broken links, site performance, poor quality content and risk of algorithm penalties are some of the problem areas unearthed in our content, backlink and technical SEO audits.

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Technical SEO

Strong technical foundations are crucial for search engine visibility. Improved user experience, amplified marketing activity, better rankings – what’s not to like? Being Digitalz ongoing technical optimisation and SEO health check will keep your site’s engine running smoothly in line with the latest algorithm updates. Keeping your site visible, and fixing any technical and on-page issues before they arise.

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Visibility reporting

Our bespoke visibility reporting tool provides a detailed and historic view of your site’s performance in organic search and against key competitors. Real-time reporting gives your business the edge by spotting opportunities to improve organic visibility and traffic.

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Content audits

Get the best returns from your content marketing activity with our audience-focused, insight-rich content audits. We make sure your content is technically brilliant and optimised for conversion to drive increased engagement and revenue.

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Content marketing

Good content rules the roost in SEO. Shareable, engaging, search-friendly content tailored for your audience at each stage of the customer journey. Combine that with a targeted outreach campaign to boost brand visibility and you’re onto a winner.

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Social media is more than just a marketing channel. It’s the beating heart of our communities. It fuels our conversations. Drives our entertainment. It’s the lifeblood of digital. Put your brand at the heart of where your customers are.

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