5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

A website is your visiting card in the 21st century, which is why it is essential for every brand to have one. However, no company can or should stop at just having a basic website for online presence as this would mean they are underutilizing its ability to generate revenue. It is essential to create and maintain an SEO optimized website so that your website ranks on page 1 of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  

It is noteworthy that Google changes the algorithm at regular intervals, and if your team member in charge is not aware of this, it could result in SEO errors. This means that no matter how much effort you put into acing your SEO strategy, the desired outcome will differ from the actual one. To prevent this, our SEO team has come up with 5 common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2022: 

  1. Keyword Stuffing 

    Keyword stuffing is one of the biggest SEO mistakes made by brands and agencies. It refers to repeating a keyword as many times as possible with the intention of the webpage ranking high on SERP. However, with improvements in the Google algorithm, not only can this become ineffective but it also harms your SEO.

  2. Not having Responsive Websites 

    Another common SEO mistake is not having a website responsive to different devices (mobiles and tablets). A major chunk of the online population now visits websites via their mobile, which is why Google tends to prioritize responsive websites. Optimize for mobile and tablets using tools and check via Google search to confirm that it works as designed.

  3. Plagiarism 

    Copying content from another website or article is one of the gravest SEO errors that can be made. It is prudent to invest in a good content writing team that curates original and mind-tingling content. Not doing so can adversely affect your SEO as search engine spiders are designed to detect such fraudulent practices.

  4. Using the Wrong Keywords 

    Search engines rank pages based on the keywords plugged into the content. However, one of the main SEO mistakes to avoid is using wrong or unoptimized keywords as it defeats the entire purpose of undertaking SEO activities. Your content and keywords must be in line with each other for maximum relevancy.

  5. Lack of focus on long-tail keywords 

    While short keywords are essential to garnering a high ranking on SERP, content writers and agencies must focus on long-tail keywords too. Although their search volume is lower than short keywords, they tend to be more specific to each business and therefore, enable relevant target groups to see your website link. 

Now that you know the biggest SEO mistakes that agencies make, it is time to partner with one that has a reputation for acing SEO strategy. But which one? 

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