5 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


It is 2022 and every business – big and small – needs to have a strong digital presence in order to properly reach their target audience. Content marketing forms a major part of this activity, for which brands must create engaging content. But how can small businesses do this? We have curated a list of the 5 best content marketing tips to help you ace your content marketing.

  1. Create High Quality Long-form Content
    Research shows that high quality content with 2,500+ words tend to be shared more than shorter forms of content. However, there are a few best practices that a content marketing agency should follow while writing such content pieces. These include using headings and sub-headings to help your target audience navigate, using media elements, including sources of information for verification, and using expert interviews.
  2. Send Emailers to Increase ROI
    Emailers can often start with asking your website visitors to drop their email id via a form. They are a very good way to retain a website visitor. Not only can you intimate your target audience with new products or services but also industry updates, future events, and other business news. This will help build goodwill, promote sales via offers, and thereby increase each customer’s value. Email marketing platforms include Omnisend, MailChimp, EngageBay, and SendInBlue, among others.
  3. Curate a Content Calendar
    It is imperative for businesses to provide their target audience with relevant content at regular intervals. For this, a content marketing company must curate a content calendar; it also helps avoid the last-minute rush. A content calendar should include the type of content, publishing medium, dates, target audience, content creator, the goal, what its status is, and the metrics that you will be tracking.
  4. Create a Variety of Content
    One of the most important content marketing tips is to create a variety of content. After all, it is essential for businesses to know what type of content works for them, i.e., what their target audience relates to best. Analyzing your existing content and performing a competitive analysis will help you narrow down on this. You could use one existing form of content and convert it into another just to see how it works for you. Eg: convert a blog into an infographic.
  5. Use Your Content to Solve a Problem
    Businesses like your design products or solutions to solve a customer’s problem, and that is how your content should be curated as well. However, ensure that it is not generic like what many brands do; it needs to be specific and actually solve your target audience’s problem. The key takeaway after reading your content piece should be an action that provides a solution to the problem it is supposed to address.

Now that you know the 5 best content marketing tips for small businesses, which agency do you think will be able to successfully curate and execute this for you?

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