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It is no new fact that the pollution in this city has been rising steadily, shooting up even beyond what was measured in Delhi. With the number of residents increasing as compared to the number of trees and green areas out here, this should hardly come as a surprise.

The last surviving green plot in the city of Mumbai, Aarey is home to more than 2,700 trees that are now under the threat of being uprooted. Environmentalists and conservationists have been struggling to stop this monstrosity ever since the proposition was made. However, the work for the metro is now already underway, making it imperative that we all take a stand together.

While MMRCL believes that life would be easy with a metro here to make travel convenient, the fact that we all need a rich ecosystem to survive and keep the earth thriving has hardly been taken into consideration.

What took years to build is being wiped out overnight, leaving innocent animals homeless and humans helpless.

We can all take a stand together to save Aarey by being a little more aware and doing our bit. Let us not remain ungrateful for what has been gifted to us and sign a petition to give back to Mother Earth.

Here is how you can join Being Digitalz make a difference in their endeavour to save Aarey. Help us reach out to the concerned officials by signing the petition before the 8th of July, which is the last day to sign the petition:

Here’s how you can sign the petition:

  • Step 2 – Fill in your details
  • Step 3 – Click on the ‘Send Message’ button

And it’s done!

We hope you haven’t missed on helping make this plea reach the right ears. After all, a small step done right can bring about a change that lasts forever.

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