SEO the Alpha & Omega of Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone by now is introduced to the big bang in the digital world that goes by the name Online Marketing. Believe it or not, but some or the other way our daily lives are influenced by one of many online marketing strategies. But have you wondered what are the strategies that are considered as the backbone of Online Marketing?

Before we answer that question let us tell you that the number one ranking page in:

Google gets 33% of search traffic. Now in a perfect world just imagine if you could capture this market and divert them to your website and provide them with information that they are looking for. This brings us to our answer for the above-mentioned question. The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The major reason all type of businesses invests in SEO is to attract traffic to their website. One can easily seize & infiltrate the market of their competitors through search.

There are many other ways in which SEO helps in the growth of businesses. Let’s look at some of them.

Improving Experience for Users  

While evaluating your website, Google takes number of factors into consideration like the quality of content & the responsiveness of the website. A search engine strategy will not only improve your chances of being found high up in a Google search result page but also makes the page easy to navigate, which makes it professional & trustable.

Lack of Evidence

 In terms of case studies, it all goes very quiet when it comes to website personalisation. This could be partly because few brands are investing in this space. Or it could be that a number are investing and testing but are reticent about releasing their results?

Being On Top Spot In A SERP

When you are searching for a business online, the results that appear on the first page are given more importance and credibility. By search engine optimization your website improves the odds that when someone is searching for what you have to offer, they find your website on the first page.

Find Your Target Audience

A business is always looking out for potential clients in your city or within the surroundings. With SEO, you can enhance your website with long tail keywords that would pay more emphasis on your services, frequent queries by clients, and location. This increases the chance of driving more traffic to your website.

The Promotion Does Not Sleep

Having a well optimised presence of web assures you of having a highly capable sales person at work who can answer questions, direct queries & cater to new businesses regardless of your office being open for business or not.

Better ROI

Due to elevated rate of keyword inflation, PPC in terms of paid search can be cost prohibitive for most of the small businesses and thus an ongoing SEO for the business campaign will fetch far greater return on investment in the long run.

Search Engine Optimization is not a bandwagon one needs to follow neither it is something one can take lightly. One starts a business with an intention to earn profits. To earn profits, one needs to increase sales, to increase sales one needs to increase leads, to get leads one needs to strategize & advertise. When harnessed properly, SEO can become one of the most beneficial tools in online marketing tactics.

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