Top 5 SEO Trends in 2022 That You Should Know


Brands across the globe have started understanding the value addition that good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have on their business. This has escalated since 2020 as most companies had to work remotely and the world went online. While the basics of SEO have remained the same since its inception, search engines constantly update their algorithms. So, if you are a brand that wants to capitalize on SEO in 2022, we have compiled a list of its top trends:

  1. Improve Your Ranking with Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

    MUM is a new release from Google that generates and understands language, comprehends text and images, and applies superior Artificial Intelligence to search queries. 1 way to capitalize on this is to minimize keyword stuffing and write content that focuses on your target audience, their problems and how you can solve them.

  2. Capitalize on Your Target Audience by focusing on User Intent

    SEO professionals across the globe are urging marketeers to focus on writing content not for SEO but based on their target audience’s intent. This must be done by focusing on content quality – both the images and visual content must be optimized for superior mobile and user experience.

  3. Local SEO

    The past few years have seen a change in the top-ranking results on SERP. Some websites that used to be on top of SERP globally are now outranked by local websites. This is because search engines are now focusing on country-specific content. Now, brands targeting more than one country will have to focus on each region. One must also focus on good reviews on GMB.

  4. IndexNow

    IndexNow is an API through which search engines are notified when a website modifies, adds, or deletes content. It enables a search engine to reflect these changes on the SERP much faster than before as it quickly crawls the website. Bing and Yandex are 2 search engines that support this.

  5. Rich Snippets

    Search engines are mastering the art of extracting content from websites and using them as snippets on SERP. Such rich snippets make it convenient for the prospective customer by presenting them with a gist of what they have searched for. This greatly enhances mobile and user experience, not to mention the increase in clicks.

Yes, these are the top SEO trends in 2022, but each brand needs qualified SEO professionals to execute them to perfection. This is why it is prudent to choose a renowned SEO agency. But which?

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