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Social Media

India has a population of 1.39+ billion, out of which 445+ million use social media. 20%+ of this number has been added during the pandemic, and screen time is now significantly more than in the pre-covid days. This is why it is important to note that social media is no longer a trend; it forms a significant piece of a business’ marketing strategy. But what are the benefits of social media and how can it be used to market your business? More on that below.

  1. Collect Demographic Data

    SMM platforms offer advertisers tools that provide audience insights to give you demographics of your TA – whether they are in Mumbai, New York, London, or any other place across the globe. Collecting such data from existing and potential customers can give you insights into what interests your TA and when they are most likely to see your communication.

  2. Build Trust with Existing Customers

    Brands must give their customers what they want and this must be a transparent process. If your customers ask for something and you give them that, ensure you put up posts about how you got the idea, the process involved, and how you plan on expanding this to build trust with every existing customer.

  3. Reach a New Audience

    Businesses today can choose from a host of social media platforms based on their target audience and goals. For instance, if you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn and Facebook advertising might work well to reach new customers. On the other hand, you can reach a new B2C audience with the various targeting methods offered by Instagram, thereby boosting your revenue!

  4. Boost Brand Reputation

    SEM experts understand how social media marketing works. They will provide you with a strategy that will appeal to your target audience, thereby increasing your follower base. In addition, they will address customer grievances and complaints with solutions; this is called online reputation management (ORM) and will greatly impact your brand.

  5. Remarketing

    There are certain instances when your customers decide to purchase a product or service and check out instantly, while they abandon their cart at other times – remarketing is for the latter. Businesses can advertise the product or service left in the cart and even persuade customers to make a purchase with lucrative offers.

When one service can provide your business with so many benefits, it’s hard not to join the bandwagon. However, choosing a reliable and affordable SMM agency is equally important. But, who?

Being Digitalz – Helps People Connect with Your Business

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